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Friday 3rd April, the first day of the rest of my life. I’ve quit my job and I have no intention of seeking employment that will keep tied to a desk, so this is it no what if’s, maybe’s or might’s… this is it.

I’ve always loved cake, I live on chocolate, I am sure if you cut my veins you would just get warm fluid chocolate, I bought a book 2 years and 2 months ago that changed my life, it was cake the way cake should taste and I’ve  lived and breathed cake since. It’s all I think about. I dream cake.

But it’s cupcakes that really do it for me. People here are only just catching on to it. Why has it taken them so long?! You see I love celebrations, mainly for the cake, but don’t you feel a bit disappointed when have stood and admired a beautiful cake, you’ve imagined eating it, the chocolate melting in your mouth….ooh the anticipation…. then someone passes you a napkin… it’s nearly time, getting excited… it’s a bit misshapen and  crumpled but it’s cake, so that’s OK. You have no fork so you just have to go for it and pick it up, disaster! you drop a huge chunk of the sponge on the floor and are left with a thick lump of dried up sugar paste, which bears no resemblance to the beauty it once was….. oh dear! it’s such a shame.

But Cupcakes… now cupcakes are different.

Imagine the same situation, you stand around singing happy birthday, but this time you are admiring a beautiful display of cupcakes and the lovely dainty little cake on top with candles in it, see it’s different already. Very quickly everyone is passed their own individual little beauty, you could even sneak it into your hand bag and to savour at home in privacy with a cup of tea and cosy slippers, but I can’t wait that long. It’s beautiful and perfectly formed and it’s all for me. I read an article a little while ago that referred to them as “the me-cake” they didn’t mean it as a compliment but I really think that it’s a perfect name, because that is what it is, my own little perfectly formed beautiful cake, and it’s all for me! I’m grinning now….. I can easily pick off the adornment, keep it to show the children or liberate it forever. Peel down the liner and sink my teeth in, making sure I get an even amount of frosting in each bite… and maybe hopefully some filling, oh the joy, the satisfaction when the last bite is gone. Oh it’s perfect. It was worth the wait.  

See wasn’t that better than loosing half your cake on the floor?

But saying all of that, a  beautiful big cake is hard to beat isn’t it. Nothing makes you feel as special than to be presented with a lovely cake all in honor of you, on your special day. I’ve even been thinking about whether i should write a will so I can specify what cake should be served at my own funeral. I’m running short of cake opportunities for myself, my wedding has passed and I probably won’t have anymore children, all I am left with is birthday’s which I really try to avoid, so I can’t be letting an opportunity pass can I. I don’t mind that I wouldn’t be able to eat any, so long as everyone enjoys it. It’s all about sharing. Spreading joy by way of cake.

So over time I hope I can build my life of creating joyus happy cakes. Developing my style as I go, to be inspired everyday and take the time to be thankful for having the opportunity. I hope I don’t let my family down. Mr D has been wonderfully supportive, he says the size of his waist shows how supportive he is being. Well at least he’ll have some reserves for when we are destitute.

In the next few weeks I hope to get PMT Cupcakes off the ground. The registration, the printing, the marketing and hopefully a fuller diary. PMT stands for Postively Marvellous Temptations, it’s a bit of a mouthful, like cake, so it’s fondly become PMT Cupcakes, it’s easier to spell and the initials have a habbit of sticking in your mind. It’s OK, I know PMT means something else, I just prefer to think of cake than another reason for PMT.

I’ve waffled for too long. You’ll be bored now. So I’m off to bake… Lemon and Vanilla, Chocolate and finally Caramel Mud. 42 cupcakes, 3 flavours, 3 fillings and 3 frostings, all topped with lovely blue things for Dylan’s First birthday.

And Liz….. Thank you. You wonderful lady that made this page look yummy. You are a superstar! xxxxx

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